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Carrots and Peas

Carrots and Peas

At present, a group of women in the estate run a small self-funded co-operative feeding scheme called Carrots and Peas, which feeds people living in a very poor and neglected block of flats called Flamingo Court down the road from the estate.  The women from Kenneth Gardens who run Carrots and Peas have indicated that they are getting an increasing number of Kenneth Gardens’ residents requesting assistance for meals.  They estimate that there are many more residents who are in need of assistance but do not visit their small kitchen for fear of the stigma of being visibly in need of basic meals. At present Carrots and Peas is only able to operate once a week due to the lack of resources available to them. They buy food from their own personal funds and the kitchen they use is in a state of complete dilapidation. Carrots and Peas would greatly benefit from an initiative that assists in the production of fresh food. Given all of the above, it would be worthwhile devising an urban agriculture project at Kenneth Gardens. Such an initiative has the potential to provide residents with practical horticultural and agricultural skills, to provide needy residents with (cheap) fresh produce; and to provide fresh products for Carrots and Peas. Should this initiative be successful, Kenneth Gardens could become a model for urban agriculture in other public housing estates. This project will be co-ordinated and managed by two experts in the field of urban agriculture. The Kenneth Gardens estate is an ideal landscape to establish an urban agriculture project. It has large parks and open grounds that would be ideal to assist the community in forms of urban agriculture. Using a system of allotment gardens for individual units, and developing forms of collective gardening, for example, for the Carrots and Peas women to subsidies their food expenses, as well as urban agricultural co-ops to sell fresh produce, are also valuable possibilities.  


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