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Give Power to Those Who Deserve Power

The leaders in the municipal structure are aware of that the community needs all the help they it can get to cut down on living expenses. In other communities such as, Ntuzuma a local township, they pay an average of 50 rand electricity per month, but in Kenneth Gardens with a population that is in  Full Article…


We mourn the death of Mum Dina

The death of mum Dina on Saturday the 1st of August 2015, right in her home in Kenneth gardens really saddened and shocked the entire community because of the sudden nature of her death .Miss Mandisa reported that she died in her mother’s hands while she was trying to help her. The late mum Dina  Full Article…


Building avenues for vehicles within the community

Due to high theft of vehicles in the community, people in the Kenneth Gardens park their vehicles inside the residential area. This causes a major upset to the people of the community due to the fact that the vehicles destroy the pavements they walk on, they interrupt the flow of movement in the community, create  Full Article…


Another story on Drug abuse abuse in Kenneth

Drug abuse is still prevalent in Kenneth gardens community although some youths feel that the situation is getting better. The youths of Kenneth gardens reported that the police recently arrested one drug dealer who was then charged and sentenced to serve six months in prison. The number of young people sitting idle in “designated” places  Full Article…