Debate: Do the youth of Kenneth Gardens community feel motivated to seek jobs?

Acting as honourable members of parliament, youths from Kenneth Gardens community debated whether they felt motivated to seek jobs. The debate was conducted during the digital media archive workshop held on 14th November, 2015 at DUT. The speaker was Hon. Dennis.

The honourable members who supported this motion were Hon. Jomo Khuzwayo, Hon Leon Khuzwayo, and Hon Mxolisi. On his part, Hon Jomo Khuzwayo, who was the main contributor from the proposing side said that most of the youths lack qualification to get jobs making them less motivated to seek jobs.


The opposing side consisted of Hon. Amanda, Hon. Halalisiwe, Hon. Mandisa, Hon. Nokulunga and Hon Shange. In contributing to the motion, Hon. Amanda said that some potential employers don’t call back thus making the youths lose interest in seeking jobs. Hon. Halalisiwe opposed the motion by stating that most of the youth want jobs but they lack motivation due to lack of support systems in the community, that is, nobody encourages them to seek jobs. Hon Nokulunga argued that some of the youth from Kenneth Gardens community don’t feel motivated to seek jobs because are lazy and want to be spoon fed. Hon Shange insisted that some youths only seek jobs to please their parents and that they had no sense of motivation at all.

During crossfire, Hon. Jomo, Hon Mxolisi and Hon. Leon differed with Hon. Halalisiwe’s views by asserting that the community can’t support the youths if they refuse to find motivation from within themselves. The trio also opposed Hon Shange contribution by stating that motivation comes in different forms like obligation or as a result of being broke; and that sending a CV to a potential employer is in itself a show of motivation. On the other hand, Hon. Shange disputed Hon. Jomo’s notion that youths lack qualifications for jobs by stating that not all jobs require prior qualification-you get training on the job.

After careful analysis of the points raising during this exciting debate, the speaker declared the No side as the winners of the motion. Congratulations to the opposing side for winning today’s debate.


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    I was born there and lived there until I was 12. 6 Shotia court.

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