Building avenues for vehicles within the community

Due to high theft of vehicles in the community, people in the Kenneth Gardens park their vehicles inside the residential area. This causes a major upset to the people of the community due to the fact that the vehicles destroy the pavements they walk on, they interrupt the flow of movement in the community, create problems with regards to health and sanitation in the community (large puddles that bring mosquitoes and garbage); vehicles might knock down people (children to be more specific) and its one of the things that contribute to the noise levels in the community. If they were to build avenues for the vehicles and have a form of traffic calming, it would ensure that children are safe and it will make life easier for everyone. If the city were to employ people within the community to guard the cars it will ensure that vehicle theft decreases and unemployment will be reduced. By Bambelani Khuzwayo and Mxolisi Kunene


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  1. mxolisi September 19, 2015 at 10:33 am #

    municipality and stakeholders must come up with something to make the situation of Kenneth gardens better for all and we as a community members we must be unite and work together to fight crime

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