Kenneth gardens youth say NO to Xenophobia!

Kenneth gardens youth are not happy about xenophobic attacks that have been taking place in Durban in the last couple of weeks. The xenophobic attacks started happening in Soweto a number of weeks ago and recently spread to Durban and surrounding areas. These attacks equally affect both South Africans and foreigners because they are revenging on each other. attacks. South African citizens are attacking foreigners because they feel that foreigners are taking their jobs and houses, among other grievances. As youths in Kenneth gardens community, we feel that these attacks are unfair and unkind because people are killing and harming each other for no specific reasons. Xenophobic attacks are affecting our tourism because people from other countries will shy away from visiting South Africa for fear of being attacked. As school going youths, we fear going to school because we have been threatened with attacks.

The youths of Kenneth gardens spoke during the digital media Archive training workshop held at DUT on Saturday, 18 April, 2015.


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