Drugs, drugs.. and more drugs at Kenneth Gardens!

My prayer is for the youth of Kenneth Gardens to stop using drugs. Drugs are gradually destroying many youths in the community. Sadly, it will take them decades to realize their mistakes. Most of these youths end up stealing in order to sustain their addiction. There are numerous break-ins in the community and cases of petty thefts in the community such as people losing their phones and clothes from the washing line.  It’s about time parents and the community at large came together and boldly said NO to drugs.  To stem this crime, we should find a way to eliminate drug smugglers from the community.



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  1. Anonymous December 4, 2014 at 1:24 pm #

    Sadly but true my flat was broken into in May this year and seems the same culprite who was involved in previous break ins was involved but denied it. He was almost killed a few weeks ago for steeling tyres from another tenant taxi. Bad element like him must be evicted from Kenneth Gardens with his family because they always cover up for him.

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