Living in Kenneth Gardens by Les Moodley

Les Moodley is a retired citizen who has lived in Kenneth Gardens for 19 years. He moved in to Kenneth Gardens complex in 1994 after South Africa got its first democratic president, which opened doors for a lot of other races to be given residences in Kenneth Gardens. Mr Les Moodley stayed in Merebank before moving to Kenneth Gardens.

Les Moodley was involved in politics at a young age fighting in the struggle; he was introduced by his older brother who was involved and part of the ANC which was fighting for liberation in the 1980.
When Mr Les Moodley moved to Kenneth Gardens the place was “fantastic” as he put it. ‘The yards were clean, properly racked and beautiful, buildings were looked after, lights were fixed, and everything was up to date, this place felt like home’. Les Moodley said.

Kenneth Gardens is still a home but at the rate everything is going on it wont feel like that way for longer because most of the time when things get broken they are not fixed. Plans were made to  fence the complex so that the place is safe, and the addition of a car park but it hasn’t been done to this day.The municipality keeps on making promises to put it but it hasn’t been done,says Les Moodley.

Les Moodley moved to Kenneth Gardens because he wanted a place of his own and his desire was granted by Martin West which is now Florence Mkhize Building. Les has no enemies around the complex and there is nothing bad that he can say about the place except for 1 or 2 people that he knows that are not on speaking terms like in any other place. He believes that slowly but surely the place is coming right. Since the Municipality Housing Department is now using a community Co operative to clean the place and it’s doing a good Job but he sees no improvement when it comes to the buildings only a few have been renovated Les said.

In comparison to Merebank ,Les believes it’s the same everywhere, “there  is a lot of stealing going around and there is no one to speak to and no one is listening to us, even the Councillors staying here don’t help us, they only think of themselves not about us yet we fought for them, they promised to put the car parking this year 2013 the 20th of July but till to date September nothing has been done. They only come for our votes during the election time” Les said.

Kenneth Gardens is a nice place to stay, you stay in your house, I stay in my own house, don’t mind what I do I wont mind what you do, everything is fine” Les said.

“Kenneth Gardens is a good place as long as they tighten the security; put lights here so that we can see at night, which will help also to get rid of the people (lyties) who are abusing drugs and alcohol in this place. I try and speak to them when I see them do it, I tell if I catch them again I will give them a kick.” Les Moodley puts it.


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