The State of Kenneth Gardens According To Tiny Canham

Mr Tiny Canham came to Kenneth Gardens in 1993, with his family moving from Wentworth which is an area in Durban. According to him when he first came to Kenneth Gardens, the place was well managed/ serviced e.g. litter used to be picked by the door, the grass was cut all the time and it was green. According to Mr Tiny Canham in his stay at Kenneth Gardens for the past 20 years the place is not the same. Basic services like grass cutting is not being done and the place is not as homely as it was back in the days. Kenneth Gardens was supervised well under the hands of Simon. Kenneth Gardens had permanent staff which stayed in the staff quarters. The municipality provided proper equipment for the services to be done properly. Washing lines used to be fixed by the same employees that were staying in Kenneth Gardens but now that is not happening.

Tiny believes that one of the reasons why Kenneth Gardens is deteriorating are the people that live in Kenneth Gardens. He believes that in the past the residents of these municipal flats looked after the place, they made sure that children played in the park and they didn’t play around the washing lines or next to the buildings. Also back then Kenneth Gardens children had enough playing equipment to keep them entertained. e.g. swings, jungle gyms, etc. which Kenneth gardens does not have any more.

Kenneth Gardens is run down according to Mr Tiny Canham he also believes that some of the tenants of Kenneth gardens are not interested. e.g. when children are swinging on the washing lines which is wrong they are not being stopped, when kids mess around breaking windows or bottles they are not being stopped, strangers come in and out of Kenneth gardens and nobody asks anything. Many people who do not stay or live in the flats do as they please, drinking, playing loud music in their cars, using drugs in the park inside Kenneth Gardens which is for residents and not a public park. yet nobody says anything. Tiny himself tries and do what he can around his block of flats, he chases away noisy people who are loitering, he also makes sure that children don’t swing on the lines and that they go to the park to play. Any Tom, Dick and Harry comes to drink alcohol in at the Kenneth Gardens park and nobody stops them. But when Tiny sees things like that he chases away those people.

There is also lack of communication from the Municipality and the people, some residents dump their old furniture illegal yet the municipality refuse to bring a skip. Because residents with no cars have no place to dump their rubbish. There have been requests for a skip and the Municipality promised tpo provide one but it has yet to be delivered which is why now resident dump their old furniture in the dust bins.

In the near future Mr Tiny would like to see residents being allowed to park their cars inside the complex in a proper parking space next to their flats and the complex being fenced and lights being fixed.

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