Residents at Kenneth Gardens in Durban many of whom suffer from chronic illnesses and disabilities, will soon have access to their own on-site clinic offering services in homeopathy, community nursing and nutrition.

This is thanks to the much-anticipated Kenneth Gardens Intervention Project, a unique collaborative initiative between UKZN and the Durban University of Technology (DUT), which will develop the clinic as its first major outreach project.

Kenneth Gardens, located in Umbilo, Durban, is the largest housing development in the city and comprises 282 units spread over 28 blocks, accommodating about 1 500 people.  Project Leader, Professor Monique Marks from UKZN’s Community Development Programme, explained that an extensive demographic survey of the community’s residents revealed that, despite other concerns such as unemployment, education and crime, the number one priority need was accessible health care.

From 11 April, people living at Kenneth Gardens will have their own on-site clinic offering services in homeopathy, community nursing and nutrition.  The clinic will rely heavily on an existing home care-based non-profit organisation, Senzokuhle, for administrative management and co-ordination of services.

Initially the clinic will operate out of a committee room at Kenneth Gardens for one day a week.  However, this will be a temporary arrangement until its permanent residence, a building leased from the eThekwini Housing Department, has been renovated.

This lease agreement is part of a Memorandum of Understanding between UKZN and eThekwini Housing which will be signed in the coming weeks.  Marks and her colleagues are extremely appreciative of their partnership agreement with eThekwini and consider it ‘an acknowledgement of our relationship with the city.’

The clinic still has to be registered formally with the KZN Health Department to allow for registered nurses and doctors to operate and dispense medication from the clinic.

First published on the UKZN website.


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