Monthly Newsletter – August 2012

nwspprSome highlights & achievements


The following donations were received

1) Wardkiss Hardware; 2 x 20 L Paint & 1x Paint Primer for Painting of the sheds.

2) Adams Bookshop; Stationery for art competition with the KG kids.

3) The Rotary Club of Durban; A microwave oven, large pots and other kitchen equipment for Carrot and Peas soup kitchen.

4) The Rotary E-Club of Durban; 215 blankets & a wheelchair

Homeopathy Clinic 

A preliminary assessment has been conducted of the homeopathy clinic. The findings of this assessment will be presented at a research workshop at DUT in September.

Skills Development Workshop for Kenneth Gardens NPOs 

Daya Veerasamy & Nisha Ramlutchman, lecturers from the DUT’s faculty of Management Studies will be facilitating a skills development workshop for both NPO’s. This workshop will cover the following; the roles and functions of an NPO, Understanding the process of receiving funds and issuing of receipts, Filing Management System: How manage information efficiently.

Virginia Commonwealth University  

The MOU between UKZN and VCU is in the process of being finalized which indicates the start of the video documentary process in Kenneth Gardens.

Flatfoot Dance Company

The dancing classes run by the Flatfoot Company at Glenmore are gaining momentum & the students will be participating in a dance performance later in the year, dates to be confirmed.



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