Monthly Newsletter – July 2012

nwspprSome highlights & achievements


The Berea Mail has been in partnership with UKZN since the commencement of the Kenneth Gardens Project providing free media coverage as and when needed. One of their latest pieces on the Carrots & Peas Soup Kitchen really opened up the hearts of many of the Berea Mail readers and brought in donations of cash & kind as well as the donation of 2 Fridges.

In addition the kitchen was also donated a brand new industrial gas cooker together with a tank of gas by the Divine Life Society.  UKZN Staff had initiated contact with the Divine Life Society and wrote to them for assistance with the soup kitchen.

Thank You to the Diabetic Society for the donation of two glucometers.

Funding for Kenneth Gardens NPOs 

UKZN assisted two NPO’s from Kenneth Garden, Senzokuhle Home Based Care and Carrots and Peas Kitchen in applying to Eskom for funding. We are pleased to report that both the NPO’s have been awarded R15 000.00 (Fifteen Thousand Rand).

Virginia Commonwealth University  

In June 2012, a joint funding proposal was submitted with VCU for a documentary project entitled: Building Global Bridges. The proposal has been awarded funding from VCU and we are pleased to report that a collaboration project with VCU, UKZN and DUT students focusing on documenting, with the community, the everyday lives and clinic in Kenneth Gardens will begin in 2013.

KZN Department of Sports & Recreation

The KZN Department of Sports & Recreation sponsored a number of cricket & soccer kits, as well as soccer nets, to be used by the Kenneth Gardens Kids.

Flatfoot Dance Company

Lliane Loots, Director of the Flatfoot Dance Company recently partnered with the project to run a dance program for the kids of Kenneth Gardens. A dancer from the Flatfoot Dance Company will be running dance lessons at Glenore primary school every Wednesday afternoon. One class will be held for the junior pupils and one for the senior students. The classes are available to all Glenmore primary school students and all young people living in Kenneth Gardens. We are very blessed to have Durban’s premier dance company on board with us.

UKZN Community development students 

UKZN 3rd year Community Development students completed their practical work experience in the Kenneth Gardens Community Project. The community members who supervised the students gave positive feedback on the students’ dedication and work ethic.  They have also been instrumental in assisting Dr Kira Erwin to complete the Homeopathy Clinic evaluation survey.

Thank You to the Vice Chancellor at DUT

A special Thank You to the office of Prof. Ahmed Bawa, Vice Chancellor & Principal of the Durban University of Technology, for making available much needed resources for the functioning of the clinic. These include a clinic bed and the supply of glucometer strips.



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